The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle
The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle
The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle
The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle

The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle

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The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle contains our 6 most eye catching, bold gel colors. With these 6 striking colors, you're guaranteed to have a manicure that'll pop. You will receive She's All Brat, Trust Fund Baby, Preaching to the Fire, Selena, Evil Eye, & Watermelon Sugar.

The bundle not only includes 6 gel polishes for the price of 5, but also comes with a Twinkled T magnetic close Collector's Box. Remove the foam insert from the box and use it to store polishes, makeup, or jewelry.

Opaque in: 1-2 Coats

Directions: Pair The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle over our Base-ically Base Coat and top with our Glossy Talk The Top Coat or Matte At You Top Coat.

Cure Time: 30-60 seconds (LED) / 60-120 seconds (UV)

Size: 15ML (0.5 Ounce)


Twinkled T's Gel Baby line is the quality gel polish you've been needing. Gel Baby has been created over the span of 3 years to create a formula perfect for oily nail beds, dry nail beds, staining through purple shampoo and cloths, anti-chipping for the working boss babes, and extreme opacity for those of us who need to cure and go, go, go.


Ingredients: acrylates copolymer, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), trimethylbenzoyl, diphenylphosphineoxide. may contain [+/-]: CI 45380, CI 17200, CI 15850, CI 77491, CI 15985, CI 77492, CI 77007


The Artists

The Vivids Gel Baby Bundle


I'm from a small town in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. My hobbies include baking and visiting breweries in neighboring cities and states with my fiancé. I also love doing my makeup and my collection is almost as large as my polish collection! 

Painting my nails has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years. My favorite part about it is finding and trying new brands and formulas & also the inspiration it gives me for my nail art. 

My top 3 favorite Gel Baby colors are Crystal Sand, Mist Opportunity, and She’s All Brat.

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I'm from Wisconsin currently living In Minnesota. I’m a full time college student studying Biology & Pre Med. I’m also a competitive figure skater and try to keep up with my sport as much as I can as in adult. I also love to paint and be creative in general. I’m also a huge K-pop fan!

I’ve been doing my nails for over 10 years and started my Instagram account 5 years ago. I have been swatching and doing nail art ever since! My favorite part about doing my nails is the creativity that comes with it! I’m a nail artist first, but I also love swatching and the challenge of capturing beautiful polishes.

My top 3 Gel Baby colors are Sage The Spirits, Pearly Gates, and Late Bluemer.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley Hasroun
Absolute Perfection

I’m a huge fan of vibrant colored nail polish so when I saw that there was a vivid gel bundle, I knew I had to get it! The colors are all so beautiful. I took Selena to my nail tech and he was so impressed by the color and quality of the polish. You barely need 2 coats of the polish! Such a great value for a bottle that will definitely take you a long way. I’m very impressed! Can’t wait to buy more gel polishes.